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MS Office 2010 Support

Microsoft Office Technical Support UK

MS Office 2010 brought forth a lot more advanced features than the Office 2007. It made the tabs and tools customizable, for each administrator to tailor make according to their own specification or keep it as basic as they want to. With the backstage view, when you click on the File button, you get access to all Save As, Save, Open & Close operations. Microsoft Office has been popular worldwide for a long time. Yet, it is admirable the way Microsoft goes on improving its existing products.

Owing to its wide popularity, we built a third party support team for MS Office 2010 users, complete with technical experts. We have mentioned here the common course of action that anyone undergoes, after buying the product. While we have tried to explain the steps well, it is not possible to predict everything that can go wrong and explain a solution here. Most problems that seem big are not so difficult when you have a technical support to fall back upon.

Our team is that support if you ever need it. Call our toll free number for one of our technicians help you troubleshoot an issue step by step. If that does not work, they can take remote access of your device and resolve any issue on your behalf. Need help? We are just a call away!

How To Download MS Office 2010 Setup

It is very easy to buy and download MS Office 2010 from Microsoft’s authorized site. For this, you need your Product Key and enough data storage on your computer, external drive or USB for the download to happen. Then enter the valid product activation key in the blank. Once it is verified, select product language from Menu. Then click a download link for your download to start. The Microsoft Office 2010 made the ribbon interface universal through all of its applications. Make use of its advanced features by downloading and installing it today. Our technicians are there to help you through any technical error.

How To Install MS Office 2010

Once you insert your Office 2010 disk in the drive, the setup wizard starts on its own. If it doesn’t, then navigate to the disc drive and click on SETUP.EXE. Then enter the product key when prompted. Next read and accept your Microsoft Software License Terms and click on Continue. Then go on following all prompts and once Office is installed, click on Close. Then on your Activation wizard, click on I want to activate the software over the internet and go on following the prompts. Then you have to activate Office so that your Office programs keep working.

These instructions are for installing the default 32-bit Office 2010. You can call our toll free number for our technical team to assist you with installing the 64-bit version as well.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

How do you find the product key? Depends on how you made your purchase. If you downloaded your MS Office 2010 from an online store, you can find it in your email receipt. (Check spam or junk mail, if you do not happen to have received the mail in your inbox). If you bought it in a box, find it in the packaging. Let us know if you lost your Product Key or the present one is valid, but not working. Our technical team will look into it and help you out.

How To Configure MS Office 2010

As you install Microsoft office 2010, it may come to a stop at step 4, showing the error message, “There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office.” If this happens, you have to click on the Fix itbutton to modify the registry and once again re-run Office 2010 setup to solve this problem. If Fix it does not run, you can find on Microsoft website the alternate manual method that serves the same purpose as Fix it. Then you can go on to download your Office 2010 from your Windows Live ID. Our technical team will be happy to help you wherever you face an error.

How To Activate MS Office 2010

There are three common ways to activate your MS Office 2010 – via notification dialog, Backstage View and control panel. To do it from the notification dialog, first click on the button that says Change Product Key. Then enter the product key from the top of the same page and click on ‘Continue.’ On the next screen, click on ‘Install Now.’ Then you see a progress bar and then a dialog box that says your configuration is successful. Then click ‘Close.’ After this, restart your application to follow the on-screen instructions that will complete your activation. Make sure that your internet connection is available. Restart your Office application again then click File tab Help and see your activated status.

For instant technical assistance or guidance for MS Office 2010 related problems, call our toll free number.

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