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MS Office 2016 Support

Microsoft Office Technical Support UK

Microsoft office has come a long way since its first version that included MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Used by more than a billion people across the world, it now serves a wide multitude of computing environments and end-user requirements. To support such MS Office users, we have built our team of technical assistance for instant resolutions and quick troubleshoots.

We have described below how to install & activate your MS Office, find your product key and more. But working hands on, you may still come across some errors either for Office as a whole or while working with any of its components, like Word or Excel. Call our toll free number at such times to get instant support to detect and resolve the error.

How To Download MS Office 2016 Setup

The Office 2016 came with real time collaboration – where you can work together with your team on MS Word, PPT or any other app on real time, from any place and any device. The OneNote in this version can be shared with as many people as you want. The Office apps come with a Share button top right, clicking on which, you can share it with anyone in your contact list.

Not just this, when attaching a document to an email, you do not have to visit the file location, because Office 2016 makes a universal ‘recently worked on’ list available right there for you. No wonder, most of us want to own this highly user friendly office suite. Buying and downloading online, from its official site, is pretty simple, quick and self-explanatory. We are always around to help you though, if you happen to need any.

How To Install MS Office 2016

To begin with, you have to go to Setup and install Office in the brand website and type in your product key. Do you have an existing Microsoft account? Then enter your email address and password and click on Sign In. Next select the Country/Region and your Language, the click on Continue. Next you have to go to the My Account page and select Install.

If you face any errors while trying to install it or sign in, try the Need Help? option. Also if you happen to need any help installing one of the older versions of Office, you will find the guidelines for that particular version. Get in touch if you want us to help you.

How To Activate MS Office 2016

Just like Office 365, if you installed the Office 2016 on your own, Office will activate on its own. So if you see the Activation wizard, it is because it needs your help activating it. So choose ‘I want to activate the software over the internet’ in Activation Wizard and click on Next. If you see nothing is happening, try clicking on the Enter key of your keyboard.

Now follow step by step the prompts that come up. If activation happens to fail, you can try out the simple guidelines you find in ‘Troubleshoot activation errors.’ If it does not work out, call our toll free to number so that one of our technicians can find out what went wrong and help you with it.

Microsoft Office Product Key

Was your Office was bought through HUP, i.e., the employer’s Home Use Program? Then you have to type on Google ‘Find Your HUP Product Key’ and visit the first option to find out your Product Key. If you happen to use a volume license version at work, you can ask your admin for the product key. If it shows SUBSCRIPTION EXPIRED in your app, it is time for you to renew the Office 365 subscription. If you bought it online, type Can I buy a product key? and then, visit the official page for Office Support.

If you cannot find it in the methods we have mentioned above or face any inconvenience other than the ones mentioned here, get in touch with one of our technicians to find out where/how to find your Product key. .

Microsoft Office 2016 Common Problems

There are several common errors like Office documents opening slower since Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or you can’t find the Office apps altogether after Windows 10 upgrade. You may need help with product activation, licensing upgrade, print or issues like Office apps displaying too large or small and so on. Talk to our able technicians to find instant solution that saves you time and effort. Wish you a productive and happy day today!

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